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Welcome to Coffee Lovers Magazine!  If you were provided a subscriber code, this page will tell you how to use it in order to get your subscription set up.  Below are 5 simple steps you can follow.  If you need to go get your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android device before beginning, you can find this page at

The pictures below demonstrate this on the iPad – the process for the iPhone and Android phones/tablets is the same.

UPDATE 12/2015: As of this update, these screenshots are a bit old, but the steps are still accurate.  Also to clarify, the app requires you to have either iOS 8.1+ or Android 4.1+ operating system on your phone/tablet. When you visit the app page, if you are not able to download the app, you may have an older device and/or older operating system that isn't supported.

Step 1

Get the App!  Go grab your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android device, and open this page (

Find the app named Coffee Lovers Magazine by tapping on the app store button here – then install the app:

Available_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40Get the Magazine

Get it on Google Play
Get the Magazine


Coffee Lovers Magazine on iTunes

Step 2

After installing the App, locate it on your device amongst your other apps.

Coffee Lovers Magazine App on Homescreen

Step 3

Once opening the app, you will see the magazine home screen with several issues displayed. In the upper right you will see a yellow ‘Subscribe' button – tap ‘Subscribe'

Image 5-17-13 at 9.05 PM

Step 4

A small box will open up with three buttons – tap ‘Current Subscribers'

Image 5-17-13 at 9.06 PM

Step 5

NOTE: This step may now ask for your “Account Number” – still enter the special code provided to you, as explained below.

A small window will open – enter into the box the special code provided to you (Case Sensitive!), and tap Ok.  Once you do this, the newest issue will automatically download – other subscriber only issues will become available for you to download as well (you can find them under the Private tab for ease of access).  While you are subscribed, any newly published issues will be automatically downloaded to your app.

Coffee Lovers Magazine Code Entry

If you have any problems getting this to work – or any other questions – please feel free to contact me (Joseph) using the live chat contact button in the bottom right of the screen.