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Diving Into Home Roasting – Cup of Joe

On this Cup of Joe, I ramble just a bit on the experience of roasting your own coffee at home. By and large, this experience of roasting my own coffee has been quite an interesting and enlightening one - I did not go into...

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Oxo Barista Brain Brewer – In Depth Review

For coffee enthusiasts, there’s a lot of stigma around automatic coffee brewing machines. The auto drip machine is looked down upon with great disdain. This is unfortunate, because most average coffee consumers come from place of brewing...

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Don't Let Marketing Do This To You – Cup of Joe

Usually on the Cup of Joe series, I talk about some idea directly related to coffee. Whether it’s some conceptual idea I’ve been thinking about - like the unseen affect dark roasted coffee might be having on you - or some...

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New Beginnings – Cup of Joe – 1-1-19

For whatever reason, I stopped publishing Cup of Joe on the magazine website. I stopped doing quite a bit with the magazine website - choosing to focus on growth with the business through completely different avenues (not...

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The Ljubljana Coffee Festival – 2018

I’m starting a new series on the site all about coffee events. In short, I think going to an event about coffee is one of the best ways (if not the best) to dive in and learn more. You get to talk face to face with local coffee professionals, try a whole bunch of...

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How to Brew Kalita Wave – The Coffee Lovers Definitive Guide

The Kalita Wave has fast become my favorite and preferred method of hand brewing my coffee. Not only does the Wave produce a rich and well rounded flavored cup of coffee, but it does so with such an incredible ease of use…

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Strong Coffee – What Is It?

Do you want to make your coffee stronger?
Do you want the strongest coffee in the world? Do you think your coffee is weak?

The idea of “strong” coffee is probably the most culturally communicated desire. “How do you like your coffee?” “Strong, and black.” “I don’t care how you make the coffee as long as it’s strong!” And of course the bevy of businesses representing ‘the strongest coffee.’ It’s one of the most demanded things by coffee drinkers everywhere. Yet, there’s seemingly no consistent (or accurate) connection to reality when it comes to individuals knowing what ‘strong coffee’ really is.

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A Simple Cup of Coffee

It all started with a simple cup of coffee and a song. By Michael Harrington It usually starts this way. After the first few minutes with a really good cup of coffee, and if I’m alone, my eyes close around the past.  Sometimes it’s the kind of memory that takes me...

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How The Water You Brew With Will Make or Break Your Coffee…

Watch this episode above, or listen to it on Coffee Lovers Radio Water plays a big role in the brewing of your coffee. As someone interested in making really good coffee accessible to everyone - regardless of your knowledge/experience -...

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What Makes a Winner? – FTO Ethiopia Gedeb by Klatch Coffee Roasters

Klatch Coffee Roasters has been well known in specialty circles for many years. Established in 1993, they are coming up on their 25 year anniversary - now regularly winning awards for their coffee and their service. I’ve had the pleasure...

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