Become a Coffee Connoisseur

What is Great Coffee and Why Should You Care?

I didn't begin my enjoyment of this craft as a coffee connoisseur. My journey began probably like yours, regularly enjoying an uplifting beverage.

But then I got curious.

It’s been a few years now that I have been deeply enjoying coffee for its own unique characteristics.

I usually don’t add anything to my coffee (except where the addition helps me explore some different aspect of the natural taste in the coffee), and I drink coffee which tastes good as it gets cold, just as much as it is when it’s hot.

Becoming a coffee connoisseur doesn't take some unreachable level of expertise, or talent, or special characteristic.

It’s something so very easily attainable for anyone.

And I want to show you the way.

Starting off with why coffee can be better – and what that really means.

This isn’t even a subjective subject…

There is very objective observation that goes into the quality of coffee.

And the difference that you’ll notice in enjoying really high quality coffee, that’s produced roasted and brewed well, is so great that you will never look at coffee the same again.

It’s a challenge to talk about, and it's one of the reasons why coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs can so often come off sounding pretentious.

It’s a challenge rooted in the fact that all coffee is good.

Every one of us has fully enjoyed coffee at every level along the way.

But each time we learn something new, our perspective changes, and what was once good, becomes no longer desirable.

Yes, in all this, there can be a layer of judgment for some people who are super into coffee…

They may look at the coffee that they no longer enjoy as ‘bad,’ ‘inferior,’ ‘wrong’ – and they may even judge you for saying it’s delicious.

I don’t stand for that kind of view on life, or coffee.

Most of us in coffee are just unreasonably passionate about how delicious coffee can be when done in the ways that I’ll show you.

This isn’t fake passion either.

Yes, coffee really can be so mind-expandingly delicious, complex, and fascinating that so many of us around the world end up dedicating our lives to the cultivating and sharing of it – especially when it’s almost always not the most profitable thing that we could be doing.

Becoming a Coffee Connoisseur isn't super fancy

It’s not about looks.

It’s not about status.

It’s not about anything high brow or well-to-do.

It’s about the simple fact that coffee, when treated well at all steps of it’s journey, is one of the most beautifully delicious things you will ever experience in your life.

To me, now that I am so deeply into coffee, it is much more than just a get-up-and-go drink.

In fact, if I can’t have good quality coffee in the morning, I’ll almost always decide to just not have coffee.

Even if I really need a boost, I’ll not choose coffee if I can’t have the quality and great taste experience I’ve come to know is possible.

If I’m desperate for that caffeine kick, and there’s no amazing coffee around, I’d usually rather take caffeine pills than drink coffee which tastes bad to me.

In short, coffee isn’t something I use – it’s something I appreciate and enjoy, which intrinsically adds value to my life.

And it’s no subtle difference.

Great coffee is like a heavenly ambrosia – full of sweetness, complex flavors, brightness, and so many other characteristics.

Coffee which is not great is like drinking dirt, oil, burnt tires, and any number of other appalling experiences.

What I’m trying to explain here is that the world I’m going to take you into is a world of real quality.

This isn’t fake.

This isn’t an image – and many coffee companies that are big and successful are far more about image than they are about the quality of their coffee.

Becoming a Coffee Connoisseur is about getting to the true heart of coffee itself, and the people who make it possible.

Over the posts, emails, and videos of this series, I’m going to take you on some simple steps

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Through my years of experience publishing in coffee, and helping people all over the world get deeper into it, these steps have been the easiest way to get into appreciating and enjoying the very real taste of coffee.

If you follow all these steps, within even just 1-2 weeks of starting right now, your perspective on coffee will forever be changed for the better.

You’ll be hooked.

And you’ll be enjoying the best coffee of your life.

That isn’t hyperbole, that’s a fact.

Just the other day, my own mother was exclaiming to me in exasperation that I had ruined all other coffee for her.

On a business trip, they were serving typical everyday coffee.

And she couldn’t get even get herself to find that coffee palatable.

She told me, “I am completely spoiled now – I can’t stand anything but the best.”

This path that I’m about to take you on starts with brewing your own coffee at home.

Yes, it’s that simple.

Learning how to brew great coffee at home is going to not only show you what great coffee can actually taste like (and very easily, and cheaply)…

But it’s going to very quickly give you an understanding of some key fundamentals.

Next, I’ll share with you my best recommendation for starting to brew great coffee at home.