Issue 35 - Alan Adler and The AeroPress

Issue 35 – Alan Adler and The AeroPress

by Joseph Robertson | Issues

Issue 35

Alan Adler and The AeroPress

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In just a short 10 years, The AeroPress has become a worldwide sensation in the coffee community – sporting it's own devoted following of fans who swear by it for all their coffee brewing, as well as worldwide coffee brewing championships. In this issue we sit down with Alan Adler, the President of Aerobie and inventor of the AeroPress – he shares his insight and experience in coffee, the history of coffee brewing, and just what lead to the creation of the Aeropress (along with some very good advice for brewing!). Also in this issue: – Hacking Dark Roast – Corner of the Cafe – a Coffee Review – Coffees of the Month – Discovering Brazil – Costa Rica – Finally Get Your Hands On this Gem – Exploring Direct Trade – Our Favorite Aeropress Recipes – Answering Reader's Questions – How do I find a reliable medium roast? – Takeaways – Get the most out of this issue, and take action on having better coffee, and living life to the fullest

Discovering Brazil

I found an absolutely fantastically wonderful Brazil coffee this month, and I wanted to share with you my experience …

Reader Questions

Trying to find a reliable medium roast?  I'll give you some tips and tricks to send you on the right track – you will be drinking the best coffee of your life in no time …