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What is Extracted Magazine All About?

Joseph Robertson, Publisher Extracted Magazine, Coffee Connoisseur

Hi, I'm Joseph Robertson,

I’m here to help you discover and appreciate the most delicious coffees in the world.

Whether you are just starting out your journey and want to enjoy coffee black with nothing added to it,

Or you’re well on your way to Becoming a Coffee Connoisseur like me,

Extracted is here for you.

How to get the most out of this website:

Step 1: Take this quiz

The ‘What Type of Coffee Drinker Are You Quiz’ is a quick fun quiz which will tell you a bit about how you fit into the world of great coffee.

Step 2: Sign up for the FREE “Become a Coffee Connoisseur Workshop”

The first – “The Basics of Mastering Your Brew” – will teach you The Core Fundamentals of Brewing Great Coffee at home. Even if you already brew great coffee, you’ll find some important details most home enthusiasts miss. This will put you well on the way to becoming a Coffee Connoisseur like I am.

Step 3: Grab your FREE Issue of Extracted Magazine

This is the thing you're probably here for. I publish Extracted on a monthly basis, and cover everything from how to brew better coffee, to stories of the people who produce it, and everything in between. Enjoying great coffee (and being a Coffee Connoisseur) is a lifelong passion, where you’ll never stop learning.

Grab your FREE issue here, and use it to decide if you want more

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