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Our Mission

Extracted Magazine seeks to educate, delight, and empower coffee drinkers everywhere bringing you into the world of craft specialty coffee. We build connection and understanding that raises the value and the lives of people in coffee around the world, as well as each individual cup that you enjoy.

Even though coffee is consumed by billions worldwide, many are unaware of the significance of the beverage in their cups. Conscious consumption of coffee leads to not only the best tasting coffee of your life, but more powerfully supports the various cultures and peoples that are responsible for that coffee.

Extracted reflects this growing awareness and empowers all coffee drinkers to discover the richness, not only of flavor, but also of the history and relationships of the coffee in your cup.

Extracted Magazine

A coffee magazine made for the curious and enthusiastic coffee drinkers around the world – learn everything from basic how-tos, finding and brewing better coffee, to stories from people who work in and do wonderful things with coffee. Discover the people behind our most magical drink, and how generations dedicate themselves to this passion in a pure labor of love. Follow along with the craft of coffee and become a coffee connoisseur.

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How to Taste Coffee

How to Taste Coffee

What do you mean, taste coffee?

Doesn’t it just taste like…coffee?

Ah, the ubiquitous coffee flavor…

It’s quite fascinating actually just how many flavors and aromas can come from coffee. You could spend your entire life and never have two coffees exactly the same…

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Fixing a Bad Brew – Troubleshooting Coffee Brewing

Fixing a Bad Brew – Troubleshooting Coffee Brewing

Subscribe to Coffee Lovers Radio over on iTunes! Regardless of how experienced you are with making coffee, we all experience a bad brew from time to time. Understanding the process of troubleshooting your coffee brewing is critical. That's really part of the magic of...

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